The Random Penguin Merger

Randy Penguins, the future of publishing?

So the official news came out yesterday of the merger between two of the giant publishing houses: Penguin and Random House. Although it’s brought some funny merger nicknames – the Randy Penguin being my favourite, try and come up with a logo for that – it highlights, more than ever, the scarily changing world of publishing.

Ebooks, don’t get me wrong, you are very convenient (hush kindle, I still love you), but don’t ever ruin the physical book. Hear that people? GO AND BUY A REAL BOOK SOON, PLEASE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

I can’t help but think of the merger as one less opportunity to get into the publishing industry.

Read The Bookseller’s article, here, for a useful round up of the media’s reaction.

As for bloggers’ reactions, here are two of my favourites, both from

The Merger: 


Random Penguin’s House…

Everyone else (me included)…

The Rumour Mill: Penguin and Random House 




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